Bring the Cinema Home

In this article we will take a brief look at the items needed to create your very own cinema experience at home.

The cinema is a great place to spend time and offers entertainment for all the family. Sometimes going to the cinema can be quite expensive, or there are just no films on that you fancy watching / you may have even already seen them all, in either of these cases staying in and watching a film is a great option, but often just doesn’t give you the same feel as going to the cinema does.

To create a better cinema feel at home, the home cinema must have some, if not all, of the following items:

Screen –

The screen is the single most important part of the home cinema, without a high quality screen the home cinema experience will also be lacking quality.
In screen technology size really does matter, as well as the quality of the image that the screen can show. The first thing to consider is the size of the room that will become your home cinema. The larger the room the more 百老匯電影 options could potentially become your home cinema screen and the more friends can join you for a film.

The screen options available –

Large flat screen TV

Large flat screen TV’s offer you a space saving option for any increase in screen size, as opposed to the traditional CRT TV’s of the past. CRT expanded in size but also in depth, and became very heavy very quickly, so mounting them upon the wall became impossible at even medium sizes.

Large flat screens are a great option for your home cinema. A 50 inch and up screen would be a perfect option for a medium to large room, whilst a 32 inch or lower screen is perfect for a small room.

The only downside of large flat screens is the quality of the picture, the same quality in a smaller screen is simply stretched to a bigger size.

Large HD flat screen TV

High Definition flat screen TV’s add extra quality to the picture by increasing the resolution of the screen, how many individual pieces of information are displayed on the screen, and obviously the more information on screen the better the quality of the picture that you can see.

HD is a great option for your home cinema and is only marginally more expensive than a standard flat screen TV, whilst offering a much better viewing experience.

Projection system

A projection system will give your home cinema screen the best size, filling a large internal wall full of film goodness, and HD projection systems are available so a high quality cinema experience can be achieved.

Projection systems can be quiet expensive, much more than flat screens and need to be used in a dark room for maximum impact so get some good blinds or curtains, but are truly the best option if a great home cinema experience is wanted, and a big audience is wanting to see a film. Projection systems are also not the best choice for a medium to small room.

Film Media –

The media that the film is on will also affect the quality of your home cinema experience. There are currently two main flavours:


DVDs have revolutionised the film media market, changing media from analogue video tape to digital disks, the quality of the films and the amount of extra content available has also improved due to DVDs.

Getting a quality DVD player is a must if this is the path you choose. Also look out for multi region DVD players, that way if you buy a DVD anywhere in the world, you will be able to play it at home.


Once again the film media revolution continues to develop and gain momentum; Blu-ray offers even more exceptional quality by increasing the amount of information on the disk. Blu-ray offer on average 5 times the information of a DVD and as you can imagine transfers to the quality seen on your cinema screen.
Blu-ray is quickly taking over the media market, and is the future of digital media, so it is probably the best choice for your home cinema; however it is a lot more expensive for both Blu-ray players and disks, as it is a very new technology. Waiting a little while for prices to come down is maybe a better option for most of us.

Complete package –

To get the complete home cinema package the above items are a must, but you need to also consider the food and drink that you have available for you and your guests and the comfort of yourself and anyone else viewing a film with you.

Light and quick food, the traditional popcorn etc is a great choice, and can be customised easily to suit a wide variety of tastes. For the sweet tooth among you, try putting your favourite light chocolate treat into the popcorn, and every handful of popcorn will be accompanied with a sweet treat.

Big comfortable chairs give everyone a great viewing position, and a couch or sofa is perfect for a couple. However big chairs and sofas can be expensive. An attractive alternative is large comfy cushions thrown all around the room, people can mingle together however they choose and sit or lay as they want to, and they are also much cheaper and easily available.

Good luck building your home cinema and keep the films rolling.


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