Fresh Juice and Why Its Good for you

Take the humble apple for example, when an apple is growing on a tree in blazing sunlight then it’s a living thing growing and rammed full of nature’s best goodness! As soon as you pick the apple it’s reached its peak and whatever happens from now it’s losing its natural goodness and living energy!Vape Juice Shop | Cheap eLiquid | Best 100mL eJuice Flavors– Tagged  "vapor"– JUICE MAN

That’s why it’s a good idea to eat fresh fruit as soon as you can, and by fresh, nothing is fresher than straight off the tree! Fresh fruit and veg or freshly juiced fruit and veg juice is about as healthy as foodstuff gets 100ml ejuice. Rammed full of vitamins, minerals sucked straight from the ground, and easy to digest. Super.

Now freshly squeezed bottled juice is good, no doubt, but think about it, the fruit is picked, sent to the factory, juiced (and we hope it’s juiced in a nutrient preserving way of course) probably heat treated in some way to give it it’s shelf life and then sent to the shop for you to buy! That’s a good few hours there to say the least, and that heat treating will certainly degrade the nutrient content! Not good and not what we can call a living food is it? Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a great way to stay healthy, fresh and fit. They are exotic, delicious and a great source of nutrition, too. They provide compelling benefits to our body. The enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals present in fresh juices are the special building blocks, which are of great significance to us. They also facilitate metabolic processes, along with repairing and rejuvenating our body and help maintaining a vibrant health. In today’s busy and modern world, it is quite hard for us, to stick to healthy routines. But if you do that, then this is a positive step, to combat many degenerative diseases, caused as a result of obesity. Healthy body gives you a chance to experience and enjoy your life to its full.

People who prefer fresh juices over unhealthy junk, are less likely to suffer from heart attack, cholesterol problems and various other life threatening diseases.

Juicing at home can be a great fun and treat for both adults and children. It is a great way of encouraging a healthy life style. When juicing, you just have to take living fruit and vegetables and transform them instantly into tasty drinks, of a great nutritional quality, within minutes. They provide a huge boost to your energy levels and make you fell refreshed and active, all day long.

Many shop juices are heat treated, usually made from pasteurized products, containing a number of health damaging chemicals etc. These chemicals basically destroy all the exotic flavours and nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are also closely related to your weight loss and burning of any excess calories, thus making you feel quite enthusiastic. These nutrients would make you less susceptible towards colds or any other viruses, and are great for a healthy, radiant looking skin.
Grocery shopping has its challenges, and selecting healthy foods can be overwhelming and very confusing. Even more difficult is that there are more foods and alternatives becoming more popularized through advertising every day, from fortified foods to the more expensive epicure. It is a shame that food manufacturers and advertisers can say almost anything they want in order to get you to purchase their food products. They will also alter their packaging to aid in misrepresenting their products. This article will help you learn how to read and understand the general statements and the “Nutrition Facts” panels found on food packaging. This way you will have a fighting chance in selecting healthier food items.

Many of the most important nutrients in the food items are removed during food processing, and sometimes either similar or different nutrients that are lost are re-added to these items. These products will usually have the words “fortified”, “enriched”, “added”, “extra”, and “plus”, on them. You should be really looking for foods that say “100% whole-wheat”, “high fiber”, and “low-sugar” on them. Enriched “Wheat” is not the same as whole-wheat, it’s not even close. You will think you are getting the benefits of eating a healthy complex carbohydrate but you really are just eating white bread in disguise. This also goes for the words “fruit drink, ” which usually means that this product probably contains little or no real fruit, and lots of sugar. Find products that say “100% fruit juice, ” and don’t just grab them, read the label, because they most likely say “juice from concentrate”. Try to find “freshly squeezed fruit juice”. A lot of whole food grocery stores have juice bars where you can order freshly squeezed juices.

Made with “wheat”, “rye”, or “multigrain” on the package, means that these foods most probably contain little or no “whole grain. ” You need to really look at the label and make sure it says “whole grain” or “rye” or “drum” to make sure you are getting what you want. The word “natural” usually means that the manufacturer started with a natural source, but that’s about it. Look for “100% All natural” and “no preservatives” when trying to purchase “natural” food items. When buying “organically grown”, “pesticide-free”, or “no artificial ingredients”, only believe labels that say “certified organically grown. ” The words “sugar-free” or “fat-free” may not be indicative of low-calorie products; as other unhealthy ingredients may have been added. These products may not have any fewer calories than the real thing. You might actually be getting a product that is much worse for you even though they say sugar-free because they are jam packed with fat or other harmful products.

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