Guitar Online Course – The Real Contents of the Jamorama Guitar Package, Part 2

Searching and searching for a real guitar online course that has a high-satisfactory reputation will eventually land you on the Jamorama Guitar System. With thousands of students taught already, Ben Edwards’s guitar course is considered one of the best on the web.

Even though this guitar system may have a lot of students and seems like a big deal, is it right for you and can it deliver on its promises? Here’s a little insight on one of the cool features of this impressive set of guitar lessons.

The closest thing that anyone can get from learning one-on-one with an actual private instructor a course in miracles is learning by video tutorials. Jamorama provides some very thorough and easy to understand tutorials on all subjects related to the guitar.

As much as Ben Edwards’s lessons cater to every level of guitarist, his main focus has been to get beginners at the level they desire. That’s why a great amount of the provided tutorials are very straight-forward and targeted towards starting players.

One of the creative aspects of Jamorama’s guitar online course tutorials is the use of a split screen to show the movements in both hands as Edwards plays the guitar in front of you. So, not only can you be focusing on the chord formations, but the strumming patterns are clearer as well.

Here’s a break-down of what you’ll view in the split screen.

* There’s a clear view of the picking and strumming hand.

It’s nice to know what chords you’re playing and how to form them, but it makes no sense if you don’t know how to make them ring. With this close-up of the strumming hand, you’ll learn all of Edward’s personal patterns to strum and techniques on holding a guitar pick.

* The fret board hand shows you the fingerings.

Learning to make chords and do simple riffs is one of the fundamentals of playing the guitar well. With this guitar online course and the use of the split screen, you’ll see exactly how chords are formed with proper posture and without dead notes or strings.

* Study the fingerings even closer with the chord chart.

Another great aspect of the split screen is to show you how chords and fingerings are represented on a two-dimensional image of a fret board. If you’re one who follows guitar tablature closely, you find the fret board markings to be very helpful and easy to understand.

As if this wasn’t enough, Jamorama’s video tutorials boast about teaching you how to play with a consistent tempo. Learning to play the guitar by yourself is great, but taking the next step to prepare for a band atmosphere or recording is priceless.

It’s a very well-thought guitar system for beginners and advanced players alike, and the material included is not difficult to absorb. Consider learning the guitar with the help of Ben Edwards and his Jamorama guitar system so you won’t be discouraged any longer.


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