The Wedding Rings Men Really Want to Wear

Choosing a wedding ring can be a difficult decision to make since most people have limited experience of choosing rings and there are so many possibilities to choose from. We sell a very large range of rings in all sorts of materials and have seen big changes in the last few years.

There has been a move away from Gold (which is actually quite soft) to materials like Titanium and Stainless Steel. These ‘new’ materials simply out perform the more traditional materials in every way and are far less expensive. In particular these new materials are much stronger, tougher and scratch resistant. This has the big benefit for a person who does a lot of work with their hands; they don’t need to take their ring on and off all the time….If you have to take a ring off a lot you will eventually loose it and who needs the hassle?

These new materials are also chemically resistant and hypo allergenic; they won’t cause a reaction with you or anything else. Another interesting advantage is the choice of colours on offer….different colours , different emotional feel. If you want a really bright white metal, go for Stainless Steel, the same colour as Platinum but at a fraction of the price and much harder wearing. If you wanting something more subtle go for Titanium, which has a grey appearance. This is further enhanced by having a brushed finish. If you want black, go for Zirconium, a metal that will take on any colour after treating but people mostly want it in black. If you want a ring that will never scratch, choose a Tungsten ring, (only a diamond is harder!)

Another very popular option are mixed metal rings. These tungsten rings new materials are used as the main body of the ring, providing strength and then bands of other metals are cut in. The most popular option for this is a base ring of Titanium (grey) with a bright band of Silver, Platinum or Gold running through it.

Here is some more info in case your not fully converted,

1. After a year of wear and tear a Steel or Titanium ring will look much better than a Gold or Platinum ring.

2. If you do any work with your hands you definitely want a Steel or Titanium ring since apart from bricklaying you wont need to take it off. I’ve built a house wearing my Stainless Steel ring and it’s still looking good.

3. A 6mm Platinum court band will cost about £850-00. A Stainless Steel ring will cost £20-00 and outlast the Platinum band.

4. Don’t even think about buying a Rhodium plated , White Gold wedding ring for a man. It will look fantastic at the point of sale but the Rhodium plating will wear off within a couple of months revealing the champagne coloured, real White Gold underneath. It is possible to buy untreated White Gold wedding rings, which are a slightly off white colour but since there is no coating, they won’t degrade over time.

5. These new materials have rewritten the rule book on cost, we sell lots of exotic Titanium/ Platinum combination for hundreds of pounds but we actually sell more wedding rings in the £20-£30 bracket. So don’t be put off or think that there is something wrong with spending just £20 on a wedding ring.

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