Towns and Cities in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an immensely played game played by more than a million players around the world. It is an online multiplayer game providing real time strategy and frightening monsters. You are required to complete the quests of the game which are simply tasks or missions. As you complete these quests you are introduced with new skills and experience level. Attaining higher skills and higher levels allow you to fight more efficiently with the creature in the game. “World of Warcraft” offers some really nice 3D detailed environment in which you are allowed to interact with virtual objects. You can also wander from one place to other. As you wander, you discover new routers and thus new means of transportation. Boats and portals are mostly used in the game to move from one place to another.

Towns and Cities:

The game of “World of Warcraft” offers some virtual towns and Buy wow gold  cities in which you dwell alone or in your guild. When you are in guild, you can communicate with your friends and can help each other in the fight with monsters and other frightening creatures. Some advanced cities in the game of “World of Warcraft” offers the facility of bank. These banks are not only used to deposit you hardly earned money but you can also deposit your items and stuff in it. This stuff can later be withdrawn with a small charge on it. Crafted and treasure items are mostly placed in the banks for the safety. Otherwise, the creatures from other town can snatch these precious things from you.

Every player has individual bank account:

Every player is awarded by individual in-game bank account where he or she can keep precious stuff with safety. You are also allowed to buy extra storage for your bank account. This can also be done using the virtual gold. Guild members have access to use the bank accounts. But these bank accounts have some restriction on a number of player. These restrictions are settled by the leader of the guild.

Houses and stores:

You can also own virtual houses and stores in the game from where you can also sell your virtual items such as crafts and gold. These items can also be auctioned just as you see on any online website. Virtual auction stores in “World of Warcraft” allow you to sell your stuff and earn money from it. Mailboxes are also available in every town of the “World of Warcraft”. These mailboxes are used to send and receive message among the players of the game. You can also send virtual money or virtual items via these mailboxes. Messages can ask for help from another town. This help can be done in the fight with some really gigantic creature.


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