Wicker Furniture Comes of Age

Stylish designs make wicker furniture maintenance-free utilizing plastic, resin or viro rattan a sensible option especially with our busy lifestyles. To clean synthetic wicker furniture simply wipe or hose them down, you can’t get much easier than that. No scrubbing, oiling, painting, varnishing or bleaching.

Wicker furniture has long-been a durable option for outdoor areas, but it has not always been regarded as stylish. When it comes to outdoor furniture, wicker has come a long way in recent years. Chairs and lounges made with aluminum frames are no longer shabby chic, but modern classic. Tighter woven patterns for durability and flexibility, angular designs and various finishing color options make wicker furniture a smart option for decorating outdoor seating areas.

Outdoor wicker furniture can withstand the open air elements, making it a perfect choice for patios, pool areas and gardens, and are built to last. Rattan’s are colored throughout making them fade resistant and because they are synthetic, are more durable and flexible. Cushions are made to be water-resistant and their covers machine washable. Also there are a large selection of wicker cushion fabrics to choose from to add more color and style to your outdoor area. Many lounges and chairs are made with aluminum frames making them light weight, easy to move around and rust proof. Wicker is a stylish option not only for traditional sofa and chair styles, but also high-top bar tables, bar stools and even modern sectional sofa styles. Component pieces are made to be rearranged to suit your space needs. Glass accents make wicker dining and coffee tables easy to clean, yet fashionably modern.

Today’s wicker furniture is not only suited for outdoor areas, but can be Indoor Wicker Furniture used indoors as well. You can even obtain matching sets to coordinate your dining room with your garden area. Sleek modern designs make wicker bedroom sets perfect for guest rooms and children’s rooms. You can purchase desks to cupboards to dining room to lounge room furniture. Wicker pieces and furniture sets are often more affordable than solid conventional wood furniture pieces.

When shopping for wicker furniture, take into consideration the style of the room or outdoor space you are decorating. Measure the area before purchasing the wicker pieces. You don’t want to arrive home and discover that the wicker furniture you have purchased doesn’t fit. If the furniture is not exposed to the elements, then may be a natural wicker would be more suitable. Synthetic wicker pieces are durable and specifically designed for outdoor use and are often the most affordable in the woven furniture category. Look for sturdy pieces and check them for comfort. Decide if you prefer custom made cushions or ready-made cushions but bear in mind that your color choices could be limited with the latter. And of course have a budget in mind as you’ll be surprised at how many options you have in wicker furniture.

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